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Sunday, February 07, 2016  
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Red Ball 4 Way Microswitch Joystick 
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Part Details

SKU: #4472
Item: Red Ball 4 Way Microswitch Joystick
Description: Replacement for Ms. Pac-Man, Bally Games
Part Type: Game Controls
Sub-Type: New Joysticks
Usually Ships: 2 - 3 business days
Your Price: $24.95ea
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New red ball, 4-way microswitch joystick that makes an ideal replacement for classic games. (This is the actual joystick used on the new Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Reunion games).

Note that this joystick requires a special mounting plate to mount it to an existing Ms. Pac-Man or Bally game. We do carry the mounting plate.

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Quick Game Facts

Coin-Op Overview
Probably the most popular and profitable coin-operated arcade game of all time. The sequel to Pac-Man was a instant success and continues to do well today. Bally Midway released the game in an upright cabinet, cocktail and cabaret (mini) cabinet.

All Ms. Pac-Man PCBs are Pac-Man PCBs with a daughter card necessary for the extra mazes and software. A Pac-Man game can be upgraded to a Ms. Pac-Man by installing this daughtercard.

Screen Captures
Screen Capture Screen Capture

Technical Details
Year: 1981
Manufacturer: Midway
Name: Ms. Pac-Man
Class: Coin-Op
Sub-Class: Arcade

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